The Scottish sheepdog (Collie) in its current form comes from the northern regions of England and Scotland. The first descriptions of British dogs similar to the collie are found in one of the books about the dogs of the British Isles of the 1790 edition. This breed of dogs in the book refers to shepherd dogs. Mentioned dogs, most likely, were the original material for breeding work on further breeding of English breeds such as long-haired collie, short-haired collie and border collie.

The name “collie” does not say about anything. So called dogs from the northern part of the UK. Also, the word “col” means “dark”, which can indicate on the black color of dogs. This word also means “circle”, “collar” and can relate to a typical white collar and white breast of dogs.

At one of the first English dog shows, held in 1860, formed a class of sheep dogs. Prior to that, at the exhibitions were attended mainly by pointers and setters. The Scottish sheepdog in its original form was not very beautiful, and did not use special success at exhibitions. Then in 1870, were divided the short-tailed shepherd dogs, long-haired and smooth-haired collies. From this moment, you can count the breeding work of breeding the collie.

Also, the great influence on the development of the collie was rendered by the British Queen Victoria. It is possible that at the initial stage of breeding, the royal dog breeders interbreed the collies with dogs of other breeds. Most likely these were greyhounds and setters. As a result, there was a breed of collie, which in our time is a symbol of the mind and beauty.

After the first exhibitions were held, in which took part the prototypes of modern collies, the working qualities of these dogs (originally this was a shepherd’s dog) receded into the background. In the first place for the breeders came out a beautiful appearance.

The exterior of modern Scottish sheep dogs has changed dramatically over the past 100 years, but the nature and instincts of these dogs that have been formed for centuries have been preserved. Therefore, today we observe the clearly expressed shepherd’s instinct of a collie. The unpretentiousness of the shepherd dog, strong health and strong affection for people are clearly recorded in the genetic code of the Scottish sheepdog.