Caring for a dog (teeth, ears, claws).

Many people know that dogs may have plaque, which in turn leads to stomatitis, dental caries, appears halitosis.
Regular brushing of the teeth protects dogs from the tartar and the associated with it serious consequences. There are special toothpastes for dogs that have a pleasant to taste and odor for the animal. They are tailored to the composition of the enamel and the saliva of the dog. Some dog owners prepare their own paste, mixing the white chalk, soda and lemon juice.
You should brush dog’s teeth twice a week for 2 minutes. You should accustom dog to this procedure from puppyhood, then, an adult dog gets used to the necessary hygiene procedures without problems.


You should once in every few weeks to clean the ears of your pet.
For cleaning of dog’s ears, use a piece of fleece or cotton swab, you also can wound on a finger a piece of bandage previously soaked in vegetable oil or water.
In no event it is impossible to wipe the ear with hydrogen peroxide, as it can cause burns and irritation of the auditory meatus.
A sign of inflammation of the dog’s ear is its redness. The dog begins constantly scratch its ear, shake its head. If you notice such signs, you should contact your veterinarian, because can be a lot of causes of inflammation of the ear and easier to treat illnesses at an early stage.

It is important to monitor the condition of the dog’s claws. Dogs who regularly run on a hard surface, such as asphalt, do not require additional care for their nails, because they are worn down to a normal length while running.
If you left too long claws – will be limited movement freedom of the dog.

You should purchase the special tools. They differ in size (small and large) and type (guillotine and tongs).